If you thought being a teen girl in your generation was hard, understand that it's even harder for your daughter now!

Watering a seed to produce a beautiful rose.

Being a teen and young adult in this generation is tough.  Your daughter is going through much more than you did at her age.

Let's face it, the world has become a different place and your daughter is growing up in a far different world from you. Her culture is different.

All of these cultural pressures can affect her self-esteem, self-worth, and her decision making.

Attitude, rebellion, poor decision making...it could become her reality and may be right now - but imagine she lives a life where she truly is loving herself, knowing her strengths, taking steps towards her goals, and being genuinely joyful as she journeys to live her best life

Mom, Dad, It's possible and we are here to help!

What Is Life Coaching?

Watering a seed to produce a beautiful rose.

Love Embrace Inspire life coaching takes a proactive, preventative approach to equipping your girls and young women with the most important life-skills that they need in their lives now, to help them to be equipped for their life's future endeavors.


We work 1:1 or provide group coaching sessions for teens and young adults on various topics and issues they face in their generation.

Meet Her Life Coach 

Hi Mom and Dad! I can assure you, my life's call is dedicated to building girls up to fall in love with who God made them to be and to build self-confidence to follow the dreams He has placed in their hearts.   
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Love Embrace Inspire's Senior Certified Life Coach

to Teen & Young Women

Tiffany Nicole Baker
Focused Areas of Coaching






I'm here to support you and your daughter in all of these areas!