For Parents

As we help our young women and girls, its important that we also provide parents the opportunity to not only learn about what she is learning, but how to apply techniques that will help you work alongside your daughter.  We help you understand how your daughter is feeling by providing workshops & various resources that accompany what your daughter is learning.

Helping girls and their parents.

When we listen to parents we hear many questions about how to help girls grow strong in these challenging times. Parents also wonder how they can best do their own work; pursue their own growth and skills while creating positive connections and environments with their children. Our parenting workshops offer parents and caregivers support, tools and resources. ​

Parent Resources

Customizable Programs

Love Embrace Inspire, Inc. partners with various types of organization (e.g. churches, community centers,  foster care organizations, juvenile justice centers, etc.) to provide programs that are tailored to their specific needs. We also work with parents and legal guardians like you, creating unique programs to help you to work alongside your daughter as she grows and develops into a young woman.

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