For Teen Girls

Helping girls and their parents.

At Love Embrace Inspire, Inc., we believe adolescents bring a lot to the table. We also know that girls at this age often sort through conflicting messages about their worth, their abilities and their value. Our middle through high school program helps teen girls develop the skills to tune into their own truths and to unleash their power to live confidently and joyfully. 

Love Embrace Inspire’s program for middle through high school girls! We provide a positive, structured space for teen girls to learn about themselves, explore new ideas, cultivate empathy, strengthen connections and develop life skills that will help them as they move through adolescence and beyond.

Our curriculum is rich with themes girls can relate to, addressing the whole girl—body, brain, heart, spirit and social connection—and building important life skills such as team building, developing a support system, boundary setting, decision making, asking for and providing help and more.

Wonderfully Made Girls Program

WMLA strives to equip girls with the tools necessary to make positive life choices regardless of their circumstances, doing so by using the very stumbling blocks they have and will encounter as stepping stones towards a better life and future.


The WMLA program is rich with a variety of character building workshops that aim to increase self-esteem, cultivate leadership and communication skills, demonstrate proper etiquette, understand the importance of self-care and wellness, and to teach social and life skills by instilling moral values.

Customizable Programs

Love Embrace Inspire, Inc. partners with various types of organization (e.g. churches, community centers,  foster care organizations, juvenile justice centers, etc.) to provide programs that are tailored to their specific needs. We also work with parents and legal guardians like you, creating unique programs to help you to work alongside your daughter as she grows and develops into a young woman.

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