Founder of Love Embrace Inspire Inc. | Certified Life Coach | Educator

Tiffany N. Baker 

It is my life's purpose is to help female youth to discover, develop and unleash their incredible gifts to the world.

Throughout my path in life, my passion for education and love of people have always been at the forefront of everything I do. I am motivated by the power of relationships, meeting new people and helping others to grow and flourish in their gifts. It's the nurturer in me that brings about a passion to strengthen others and to help them see and unlock their incredible greatness.

Love Embrace Inspire, Inc. is a product of  everything that motivates and inspires me. Our mission is to inspire, empower and equip female youth with the tools they  need to be successful in these core areas; personally, and professionally. Our organization provides opportunities to grow in these areas by targeting self-esteem and purpose. We provide programs & workshops, development training, college preparation advising, mentoring and coaching services that cater to the whole person.

As a certified life coach, mentor, trainer and educator, I pride myself in helping women and girls push beyond self doubt, and rise to be the women that God uniquely created them to be with confidence.