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Love Embrace Inspire, Inc.  relies on the generosity of individuals like you to sustain our innovative girl centered self-esteem curriculum and programming. No donation amount is too little or too much. Your financial contribution will make an immediate, measurable and lasting impact in the lives of girls and young women. Please consider making a donation towards our programs today.

Unfortunately right now we have no government subsidization. Therefore, we rely entirely on private funding and donations from valued community partners and supporters…like you!  Your support helps Love Embrace Inspire, Inc. continue to instill a huge sense of self-value, confidence, and excellence in our Roses. All financial contributions will support our  the overall operation of our empowering programs for girls.


With your partnership and support, Love Embrace Inspire, Inc. will continue to impact, transform, equip and prepare girls for their promising future as women.


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We at Love Embrace Inspire, Inc. invite you to share in our mission! Your church, business or organization can become a sponsor who supports us through their investments in Love Embrace Inspire Inc.’s girl empowerment programs. Successful partnerships with churches, businesses and other organizations are fundamental and carry the work of this organization to higher heights.


Together, we are on a mission to love, embrace and inspire girls and young women… which in turn strengthens our entire community. Please become one of our sponsors today.