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Dear Moms & Dads: A Tip on Raising a Powerful, Confident Young Woman

TIP 2: Listen more than you speak.

When talking to your daughter, understand that when you are the only speaking, their perspective is that you are talking at them, and they not only stop listening, they stop thinking and reflecting. Listening and really taking in what she says is so crucial to building a relationship of trust in their teenage and young adult years. It will make or break whether your daughter feels that you are someone they can really open up to. When listening to your girls, you are giving them an opportunity to reflect more. Letting her speak freely builds her confidence in that, she will learn how to articulate her thoughts, feelings and opinions and not shy away. Also, try not to interrupt her thoughts, because in doing so, you may come off as if you are not listening and that what she has to say is not important to you. The outcome can result to TOTAL SHUTDOWN! (at ANY age) That is not where you want to be.

P.S. This does not mean there shouldn't be an open dialogue, its just parents can sometimes dominate a conversation because we often already know how to articulate our thoughts, just make sure she gets what she has to say out.