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Dear Moms & Dads: A Tip on Raising a Powerful, Confident Young Woman.

Tip #5: Believe in her no matter what.

If you think it's enough to just believe in your daughter, you'll be surprised to learn that it is not. The only way for your daughter to know that you believe in her is to tell her. On repeat.

As girls grow, mature and develop--they will experience waves of success and waves of failures. Is important to express that whether or not she fails or succeeds, that you believe in her and have her back. "Whether or not they believe they can continue to be successful and recover from their failures is largely determined by the amount of unconditional love and support they receive at home every single day." -Katie Hurley, LCSW

To avoid a daughter who strives for perfection (that she will never obtain), it's important to help your daughter understand that messing up is human. Her understanding this is one of the best ways to build her confidence. Girls at a young age in this society, quickly associate making mistakes to mean, "not good enough," which has groomed young women to strive for perfection. This starts from home first when praise is only given when she's succeeds. However, when she fails, it's good to praise her for her effort, determination, and will to try again. This shows her that making mistakes is a part of life and is a good opportunity for you to share you own mishaps and minor/major mistakes and what you've learned from it. There very process of learning through trial and error will ultimately help build and strengthen her confidence.