Life Management 

What We Do

We Water Seeds that Grow into BEAUTIFUL ROSES.

Maintaining a positive self-esteem and self-worth correlates with success later in life. For young women and  girls in this generation especially, it is essential for coping with the emotional stress,  combating peer pressure and overall positive decision-making. It is the foundation for each girl's future.  

Love Embrace Inspire, welcomes girls (ages 10-19) and young women (ages 20-24) to experience a loving, embracing and inspiring environment where they will be taught the value of who they are and how they are of value to this world. We teach our girls here at Love Embrace Inspire to find their voice, to be bold and to live fearless.  We work hard towards building long lasting relationships with each girl and young woman  by providing mentorship, coaching and personal development programs. These programs are designed to forever  equip each girl inspiring her to impact this world with her God given gifts, skills and talents. 

Current Programs


DREAM Girl Activity Program


Wonderfully Made Lady Academy

Elegant ROSE Etiquette Program

Purpose Within Her Program

Pink Rose Mentoring Program

InspireHer Internship Program

  • Love Embrace Inspire Magazine

  • Pink Rose Mentor

  • Love Embrace Inspire Inc

  • DREAM Girl Activity Program

Wonderfully Made 

Lady Academy

Academy Topics

  • Module 1:  Self-love, esteem and discovery

  • Module 2:  Beauty & Body Image

  • Module 3:  Mind & Spirit

  • Module 4:  Life Skills

  • Module 5:  Family, Friends & Relationships

  • Module 6:  Her Inner Power

  • Module 7:  Passion, Purpose & Destiny

  • Graduation

Elegance Etiquette Workshop  


  • Module 1:  Personal Image

  • Module 2:  Poise

  • Module 3:  Communication Skills

  • Module 4:  Personal Growth

  • Module 5:  Table Manners


Purpose Within Her



Just when she  thinks her life is meant to be mediocre, plan, with no great purpose...God shows up and shows her how wrong she is!!! Each of us have great work to do here on earth. Tapping into the source of our existence is the "cornerstone" of a life well built, a life built on a firm and solid foundation. This workshop will introduce the 5 keys that unlock the doors of purpose with her.


Love Embrace Inspire, DREAM Activities Program allows girls to express themselves in a fun liberating way. The program consist of extracurricular fine art and wellness activities in the areas of dance, poetry, music, art, health and wellness, team building and much more. Not only do girls have fun but they learn to build healthy long lasting relationships with their peers. 

Program currently runs on Saturdays. For program schedule, please contact loveembraceinspire@gmail.com. 

Pink Rose

Mentoring Program


Pink Rose is a 12-month program that prepares girls ages 10-19 to meet the challenges of adolescence and young adulthood through a coordinated, progressive series of high-quality activities and learning experiences that help them to achieve social, emotional, spiritual, and physical well-being.

InspireHer Internship Program


  • Becoming an Pink Rose Mentor

  • Internship with Love Embrace Inspire Magazine

  • Interning for Love Embrace Inspire Inc

    • After school /weekend programs​

    • Implementation Team

    • Outreach Volunteer

    • and more...